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FlashAir Downloader for Windows

Published: 25.09.2014 00:00:00

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[bs_notification type=”warning”]Development stopped! Please read this before downloading FAD[/bs_notification]

[bs_notification type=”info”]New Version available!This version is obsolete. I would strongly suggest to use the FAD2 instead. You can download it here:[/bs_notification]

Toshibas FlashAir is an SD-Card with built-in WiFi. It allows you to download Pictures from your DigiCam through WiFi. Sadly there is no working Windows-Application.

The FlashAir-Downloader solves that issue. It allowes Bulk-Downloading of your images. Your pictures can be saved in folders created automaticly containing date-information.


Unpack the Zip and start the Setup.Exe

Start the Application and go to Settings:


Adjust the Settings if needed. Especially for “local Path”.

To use the Delete-Option you have to adjust the configuration of the SD-Card. Insert the SD-Card into your computer and open the file “CONFIG” file in the hidden “SD_WLAN”-folder with a text editor. Add the line


to the CONFIG-File.

Thats it. Close that window, turn on your camera and click onto “CONNECT”. If the connection works, you should see the folders and images of your SD-Card. Enter a folder or preview an image by double-clicking onto the icon. Mark the images you want to download and start downloading by clicking onto “Download”.

I give no guarantee about anything. This application shouldn’t do anything bad. But if your Camera explodes: Don’t blame me.This tool is and always will be free. But I don’t mind donations, of course :)

— Update V 1.1 —

I just updated the FlashAirDownloader to Version 1.1.

The following has changed:

(Tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1)

A new Version is available: