about me

Welcome to my personal blog and portfolio.

I was born in a VERY small town in western germany. That small there aren’t even traffic lights. I am a „Quiddje“ (That’s how people that weren’t born here are called) in Hamburg for more than ten years now and still love this town. I already sat in front of a computer monitor before I had my first Lego bricks. But that’s not my fault, but my father’s 🙂 While others played with Lego or Matchbox cars, I had my Video Genie and Osborne.

I started coding the „usual“ way with Basic, trying a bit of (Turbo) Pascal, went through C++ and ended up using C#, mainly in combination with jQuery.

When I don’t write any applications I like to ride my bycicle. Especially in scandinavia. I also finished the CyClassics twice. Another talent of mine is writing. At least I hope it is. Talent or not: I published a book called „Alstervergnügen“, a light crime comedy taking place in and about Hamburg.

I am nearly always in a good mood. Except when my favorite soccer Team FC St. Pauli loses.

If you want to get in contact with me: Don’t search on Facebook. You won’t find me there. But Google+ might be a good guess… And of course StackOverflow. 🙂