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FlashAirDownloader – development: Now it’s your turn

Hi,. folks,

I just programmed a small windows service to automatically FlashAir-pictures when I found out that I lost my FlashAir – card

So I am not able to test that program anymore. I decided for myself that I need something better than the unstable FlashAir-Cards and bought a camera with WiFi inside. (Just in case you are curious: It is a Sony HX400)

I do not publish this as a working download, because I am not able to test it. So there is a big chance that this even breaks the original program. But FAD2 is open source, so I checked the code in into the development-branch on GitHub.

So if there is any C# – developer out there who is willing to invest one or two hours to finish that, feel free to do that.


P.S: No, please don’t buy me a new FlashAir 🙂

Two Apps at the same time: Deploy SharePoint Add-In to Cloud AND On-Premise

What the fuzz is this about?

I am not absolutely sure if I am the first one who did this, but it seems at least noone else wrote it down until now. 🙂
We hat a customer who liked our Office365 Provider-Hosted App “Mydea”, but wanted us to install that on his SharePoint 2013 – Installation. In Germany a lot of companies do not trust the cloud. So we had three options:

  1. Tell the customer this does not work
  2. Copy&paste the whole solution and change it so it works on OnPrem
  3. Do something else

The first option – of course – wasn’t valid for me. The second would have worked. But I did not want to end up in maintanance hell. Our product is about innovation management. And the most innovative about that is the product itself. We develop agile, adding new features (and sometimes bugs) continuously. We do not want to do that twice.

So I ended up on the third option: Changing my solution so it will run in an Office365 – SharePoint and on an On-Premise installation of SharePoint 2013 (or above).

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FlashAirDownloader 2

Development stopped! Please read this before downloading FAD
Keep your Version updated! Always click onto the “Check for Updates” in the Program after installation

The FlashAirDownloader 2 is out there (Because of my Laziness I will just call it FAD from now on)

A lot of people used the FlashAirDownloader which was meant as a personal tool and quick hack to access my Toshiba FlashAir Card. As more and more people asked me for features (and some for the code) I decided to make it open source so more folks can help improve the tool.

Sadly so: The code was a mess. As I told you: Just a quick hack. It would be to embarrassing to make this public 😀 So I decided to rewrite it from scratch: This time making it right regarding code quality and UI design. Nonetheless this program still uses Framework 4.0, cause I know there are Windows XP users out there who have no other possibilities to access the FlashAir.

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SCRUM and Git: Optimized Gitflow // with a lot of fancy colors :)

For a lot of teams, GIT is the first choice for maintaining the code. So it is for mine. But this post isn’t limited to GIT and should work with SVN or TFS with little modifications, too.

Why is the Git flow important when using SCRUM?

Aren’t those just two worlds, anyway?

Well. Kind of. But while SCRUM is quite flexible, scrums paradigm still has some very basic contents when it comes to manage projects:

  • You and your team work in sprints.
  • Inside these sprints there are user-stories you want to implement.

We decided to map sprints and user stories to our git flow.

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IMAP-HTML-Autoresponder with PHP

Everyone knows spam. Everyone hates spam. And everyone who has his email-address written on the net (for example in the NIC-records for a domain) gets a lot of spam.

I am one of those guys who gets a lot of spam. Of course there are anti-spam solutions out there, but the best would be to not even receive spam. And spam filters need a lot of work and / or do not filter 100% perfect. That is why I decided to use a public email that has to go through a “gatekeeper”. A PHP-script that tells everyone that this is not my real mail address, but that there is another one where I could be contacted.

That email-address is not displayed in plain text but as an image to get rid of all those bots. SOME bots however should be able to get through: For example my hoster who needs to validate my email periodically. So these messages just are being forwarded. Continue reading