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Control your Harmony Hub with a Raspberry Pi (Linux)

So my surveillance cam now only records when I am not at home. But what if I forget to turn off the TV? That should happen automaticly, too! But fear not: There is a solution – at least if you own a harmony hub. With the help of the “HarmonyHubControl” – tool (written in c++) this is done quite easily.

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Switching the LED of a surveillance cam on and off using Linux

I already wrote a script on my Raspberry that starts and stops the surveillance mode of my camera using the “Surveillance Station” on the Synology DiskStation. Now I wanted to extend that tool and light the LEDs of the cam when it is recording and turning them off if it isn’t.

This has two reasons: First: I do not want to use the cam for “secret recordings”, damaging the private spheres of my visitors. Second: I can easily see if the cam is working as expected. Now my cam has the option to activate the LEDs or deactivate from a web interface, but it is all-or-nothing. It does not depend if it is recording or not. Which isn’t a surprise as the camera does not trigger the recordings itself but this is done by the Surveillance Station.
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Automate your Synology Surveillancestation with some simple Linux – commands

I own a Synology diskstation which has the “surveillance station” on board which records content from any LAN (or WiFi)-enabled webcam and sends an alarm when someone is moving at my home. It is possible to enter time schedules when the camera should be enabled and when it shouldn’t. But that does not really work the way I wanted. When I come home earlier or even have a day off I have to disable the camera manually.

So I decided that I want to use my smartphone to trigger the surveillance mode. Like most of us I always carry the phone with me. So it should be easy: If the phone is at home, I am, too. So the camera should be off. The same way when I am not at home.

The solution for this was surprisingly simple: A small bash-script first checks if the phone is in the network. The Surveillance station cam gets enabled or disabled according to this one condition.

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SCRUM and Git: Optimized Gitflow // with a lot of fancy colors :)

For a lot of teams, GIT is the first choice for maintaining the code. So it is for mine. But this post isn’t limited to GIT and should work with SVN or TFS with little modifications, too.

Why is the Git flow important when using SCRUM?

Aren’t those just two worlds, anyway?

Well. Kind of. But while SCRUM is quite flexible, scrums paradigm still has some very basic contents when it comes to manage projects:

  • You and your team work in sprints.
  • Inside these sprints there are user-stories you want to implement.

We decided to map sprints and user stories to our git flow.

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IMAP-HTML-Autoresponder with PHP

Everyone knows spam. Everyone hates spam. And everyone who has his email-address written on the net (for example in the NIC-records for a domain) gets a lot of spam.

I am one of those guys who gets a lot of spam. Of course there are anti-spam solutions out there, but the best would be to not even receive spam. And spam filters need a lot of work and / or do not filter 100% perfect. That is why I decided to use a public email that has to go through a “gatekeeper”. A PHP-script that tells everyone that this is not my real mail address, but that there is another one where I could be contacted.

That email-address is not displayed in plain text but as an image to get rid of all those bots. SOME bots however should be able to get through: For example my hoster who needs to validate my email periodically. So these messages just are being forwarded. Continue reading