Everyone knows spam. Everyone hates spam. And everyone who has his email-address written on the net (for example in the NIC-records for a domain) gets a lot of spam.

I am one of those guys who gets a lot of spam. Of course there are anti-spam solutions out there, but the best would be to not even receive spam. And spam filters need a lot of work and / or do not filter 100% perfect. That is why I decided to use a public email that has to go through a “gatekeeper”. A PHP-script that tells everyone that this is not my real mail address, but that there is another one where I could be contacted.

That email-address is not displayed in plain text but as an image to get rid of all those bots. SOME bots however should be able to get through: For example my hoster who needs to validate my email periodically. So these messages just are being forwarded. Continue reading