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Welcome to the personal (nerdy) blog from Ole Albers

In this blog i write down some coding solution I found and maybe some other stuff, too.

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(Hinweis: Es gibt ein paar alte Beiträge auf Deutsch, ich habe mich aber entschieden nur noch einspraching zu bloggen. Deutsche Artikel (veraltet)

About me

I am a “quiddje” (try to google that :) ) from Hamburg, Germany. I write .NET-Code for a living and as a hobby. If you really are interested in boring resumes, or other stuff I do. Go on. Pick one:

(choose wisely)

Contact me

Just kidding. If I wrote something completely wrong simply open a discusssion, create an issue or use one of the following URLs to find out

Things you don’t find there

I was born in a very small village in western Germany. That kind of village that does not even have traffic lights. But a church. And a pub, of course. I learned all that “computer-stuff” that makes other people think I can repair their TV (spoiler: I can’t) with about six years. My father showed me the Video Genie, The Osborne and a lot of other devices that have been awesome then and are old now. Started the classic Basic-Route, then Pascal, C++ and ended up using C# since university. I sometimes do some HTML/CSS/Angular and even PHP stuff but I strictly try to avoid that. So no real expertise there.

Non-Nerdy stuff includes cycling. I especially love to cycle through norway. Just me, my bike, my tent. And a ton of repair tools, of course. I also atended the “CyClassics” (bicylce-race in Hamburg) three times and then retired at the peak (reaching the target somehow) of my sporting career.

I also wrote a book that is NOT about programming, but is about a geek living in Hamburg (currently available in german, french and spanish) called “Alstervergnügen”. Most of the time I am in a good mood EXCEPT when the FC St. Pauli loses.

If you have any questions or something is terribly wrong about the stuff I wrote. There are a few ways to contact me